We are passionate about the power of Brand Tourism™ to inspire and enrich a brands value

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The Experiences we create are impactful, engaging and entertaining leaving lasting memories, creating brand advocacy.

We tell stories, invite interaction, speak to the senses and spark emotions. We drive loyalty, 

Experience Design Framework


Communication Objective

What are the key messages we want to explain to the visitor?


What will be the key factor that gives the visitor a sense of excitement?


Experience Description

What experience technique do we use to bring this brand message to life?


How will multi language visitors understand the message?

Imagination Enrichment

What does your customer take away with them that allows them to think differently about what they know or like. This creates lasting connection to your brand.

This is underpinned by the Genio’s exclusive Xperience Platform - GXP


Our Experience Design Framework provides structure and discipline to plan the process from start to finis. It maps the content required for a Genio designed Experience.